ThinOptics Frontpage Manhattan Reading Glasses + Milano Aluminum Case



Weighing less than 2 sheets of paper, Frontpage Reading Glasses are feather-light, durable and ultra-thin. They fit so comfortably in the front pocket of your pants, you may forget they’re with you. Paired with a brushed aluminum, felt-lined 4mm case, they gracefully nest together for protection and portability. Frontpage are full-frame readers, which are a more familiar form factor, without the bulk, for people who have used reading glasses in the past. Both Frontpage styles fit in the felt-lined and magnetic Milano case, but will not fit in the other systems for ThinOptics Readers. Frontpage Reading Glasses are created from medical device materials, like Nitinol, the super-elastic metal alloy used for heart stents. Lenses are incredibly slim, and made from bulletproof-strong polycarbonate lenses. Yep, we don’t mess around. Top quality materials help make both styles light, comfy and durable.


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